Disturbing news that Scripture references are used on military gunsights


I have written today to Trijicon Inc. (http://www.trijicon.com/contact.cfm), regarding the disturbing news from the BBC that Scripture references are “inscribed on gunsights widely used by the US and British military in Iraq and Afghanistan”.

Trijicom are “manufacturers of  sighting systems for use by Law Enforcement, Military and Individual customers”. While Trijicom claim “We believe that America is great when its people are good. This goodness has been based on biblical standards throughout our history and we will strive to follow those morals”, I have a deep uneasiness with this position.

Dear Sirs


As a Christian I am shocked and appalled at the report (recorded by BBC News http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/8468981.stm) that you inscribe Scripture references on your equipment.

Whilst I respect your own faith, and your consequent belief in the essential goodness of the US people, goodness is limited neither to your nation nor to Christians.

This practice is a totally unacceptable use of the Word of God, since “God is love” (not “hate”) cf. 1 John 4:9.

If this report is correct, then I respectfully request and urge you to stop this practice immediately, and as a matter of urgency to issue a statement expressing your regret and understanding of the severe problems that this same practice will be causing.

Yours sincerely
Alistair Warwick

The trouble of course is that comments such as this will almost certainly be ignored by those whose livelihoods depend on the arms industry. If I get a reply I will post it here.

Comments welcome, as always!

2 thoughts on “Disturbing news that Scripture references are used on military gunsights

  1. Just wondering… are you a pacifist? Or, is it just the use of guns (or, gun parts) that have Bible references on them that bothers you?

    Btw, I posted on the matter myself, in case you would like to read another take on it.


  2. alistairwarwick


    Thanks for taking the time to comment on this – and apologies for the long delay in replying.

    In reply to your question, I suppose I am a pacifist in the sense that Wilfred Owen (poet and soldier) and Benjamin Britten (musician) were pacifists.

    Owen, killed in action in the final days of the First World War, wrote:

    “All a poet can do today is warn. That is why the true poet must be truthful.”

    “The people of England needn’t hope. They must agitate.”
    (Letter 19 January, 1917, shortly after arriving at the front line in France.)

    “I am more and more a Christian. . . Suffer dishonour and disgrace, but never resort to arms. Be bullied, be outraged, be killed: but do not kill.”
    (Letter to his mother, May 1917.)


    For me, all I know is that nothing is simple in life, nothing is black and white, but it’s rather a murky shade of grey (gray). I guess that while there is conflict in the world there must be war, but I wish with all my heart that we could learn to live with one another. Perhaps I’m just naive! “But I’m not the only one.”


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