Young Voices



At the RSCM Scotland Young Voices Festival in Haddington yesterday. 32 young people – the same number who were in Glasgow last year – singing their hearts out.

The singers came from Queensferry (Parish Church), Haddington (St Mary’s), Edinburgh (St Peter’s, Lutton Place), Bridge of Allan (St Saviour’s) and Dunblane (Cathedral & St Mary’s), and for many this was their first time singing at this event or with other singers.

Excellent warm-ups from Susan Hamilton, director of the Dunedin Consort, with inspirational direction by her and Matthew Beetschen, who doubled as organist. Alex Beetschen was the very capable accompanist.

The theme of the Festival was Water of Life, with a wide range of musical styles. I expect we’ll see some of it used in Harvest Festivals over the next few weeks.

It’s all very promising for the launch of the new RSCM Young Scottish Voices. More anon.

Where to start?


“The End.”
“The End.”

So much opportunity. So many good things.
But it wasn’t to be.

Although in some ways it’s back where it was before, in other ways, it’s quite different.

We are changed. And that’s good. And some of the good things will continue, and develop further.

But it will take some time (in fact quite a long time) for issues to be resolved.

Part of one of the Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation (Roman Rite) keeps flooding my mind:

In the midst of conflict and division,
we know it is you who turn our minds to thoughts of peace.

Your Spirit changes our hearts:
enemies begin to speak to one another,
those who were estranged join hands in friendship,
and nations seek the way of peace together.

Your Spirit is at work
when understanding puts an end to strife,
when hatred is quenched by mercy,
and vengeance gives way to forgiveness.

For this we should never cease to thank and praise you…