Love blooms bright


Enjoying reading the posts at Love Blooms Bright, a blog for the Advent season.

Set up by wonderfulexchange, with guest writers, Love Blooms Bright offers words, images and quotations to help us enjoy and prepare for God’s coming among us.

The contributors are drawn mostly from among the clergy and laity of the Scottish Episcopal Church, with a few friends from further afield.

The blog’s title takes its cue from

This is the irrational season
when love blooms bright and wild.
Had Mary been full of reason
there’d have been no room for the child.

— Madeline L’Engle

I especially love the freshness of Now is the acceptable time – very encouraging for what is, at least in terms of the weather and annual cycle, a gloomy time of year.

And I love the idea of the angels getting back to singing “a tricky Sanctus that Jophiel had been teaching them”.

Do read it. And then continue throughout Advent.

Sic transit gloria funghi

Red cap mushroom set in a field of grass

O tempora, O mores.

So there it was, a beautiful red-cap mushroom, both complementing and contrasting with the grass in which it sat.

The following day we saw it again, this time with a slightly flatter top, but still showing off its beauty for all to see.

And then, just a couple of days later, after heavy rain that was sending cascades of water down the nearby track, we saw the remains of this thing of beauty: only the stem was left.

Fortunately Elaine had taken a photo as a reminderRed cap mushroom set in a field of grass

Homo quasi herba dies eius sicut flos agri sic florebit
quia spiritus pertransiit eum et non subsistet et non cognoscet eum ultra locus eius…
Ps 102 (103):15-16