Sic transit gloria funghi

Red cap mushroom set in a field of grass

O tempora, O mores.

So there it was, a beautiful red-cap mushroom, both complementing and contrasting with the grass in which it sat.

The following day we saw it again, this time with a slightly flatter top, but still showing off its beauty for all to see.

And then, just a couple of days later, after heavy rain that was sending cascades of water down the nearby track, we saw the remains of this thing of beauty: only the stem was left.

Fortunately Elaine had taken a photo as a reminderRed cap mushroom set in a field of grass

Homo quasi herba dies eius sicut flos agri sic florebit
quia spiritus pertransiit eum et non subsistet et non cognoscet eum ultra locus eius…
Ps 102 (103):15-16

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