Workflow interrupted


Well, my laptop is being diagnosed for hardware faults, and has been since last Thursday. I knew there was a problem with one of the memory modules and I replaced that, but I was still getting Blue Screens of Death – WinXP SP3 – so decided it needed some serious looking at. Whatever happens I will give it a clean re-install of Windows (I’ve been tempted for ages to give Linux a try, but depend too much on Dreamweaver and Photoshop, although they might run OK with WINE).

Fortunately cloud computing means that I can still access and write emails, and having previously moved my data files to a 500Mb external hard drive means that I can still get quite a lot of work done. But… not having a number of programmes installed on the secondary laptop means that my workflow is interrrupted – or at least much more complicated.

As usual, your comments are welcome!